SLA - Percentage of what?


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The HawkHost Service Level Agreement
specifies the guaranteed uptime as a percentage.

My question is: percentage of what?

If a site is unavailable one day for, say 3 hours,
what percentage does that translate to?
"of a day" = 12.5%
"of a week" = 1.8%
"of a month" = 0.4%
"of a year" = 0.03%

Which of these (or something else) would apply?

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Thank you for the reply.
I suggest clarifying that on the SLA page I linked to above which refers to "billing period".

It could also get rather complicated, such as in the following cases:

  • Calendar months are different lengths, and then X hours represents a different
    percentage in different months.
  • An outage starts before midnight (in what time zone?) at the end of one month
    and extends into the first day of the next.  Is that one or two events?
  • Claims must be made within 7 days, but if two outages occur in the same month,
    more than 7 days apart, the results would be different if they are considered together or

I'm sure you have better things to do, but maybe some time when things aren't
too busy you can work it all out in full detail. 

And given how impressive a record of uptime you do maintain,
it's largely a theoretical question anyway.

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