Can you define "SSD Powered" ?

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I noticed that the server specs on your plans state that they are "SSD Powered".  Can you more clearly define what that means?  Are all storage drives SSD or just an SSD cache, etc?  Also, does this same definition apply to both shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, etc or are their differences between each?  Thank you!

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The SSD powered is meant to cover the various types of setups we have as the technology continues to evolve and we are evolving with it.  Our older systems utilize SSD caching while all our new systems are 100% SSD.  For an end user there is going to be absolutely no difference as both are capable of handling well over 10,000 I/O operations per second and have sub 1ms access latency to data.  Both are monitored in the same fashion to make sure they're performing optimally so users see the best performance possible.

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