Are we still litespeed?


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I just made the move to PHP 7.0 in my settings.  I thought we were Litespeed, but when I look at the server information I saw Apache version  2.2.29 .  The weird thing too is that even though my php settings say 7.0 in the php version area, the server information still has PHP 5.4 listed.  I'm I just misunderstanding this all?

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cPanel unfortunately does not have complete integration with Litespeed.  One of those aspects is it reports the version of Apache we last ran from cPanel as the actual web server.

For the PHP 7.0 issue it sounds like you have a .htaccess override it might look something like this:


AddType application/x-httpd-php54 php


Remove that then php selector will work for the web server portion.

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