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I'm looking for a small reseller account of about 3-5GB in size. I don't actually resell, just prefer to separate my domains so i can provide another admin with access on one of them without providing access to the others.

I notice the two lowest shared hosting plans offer 3GB and 6GB - both for a lot less money than the smallest reseller plan, which only offers 1.5GB of disk space.

Can you explain why the reseller disk allocations are so much smaller than the shared hosting please? And are there any plans to revise these in the near future?

Many thanks.

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They are much smaller because on a reseller plan you can create many cPanel accounts which added much more load than a single shared hosting account. Along with that reseller accounts have overselling enabled so you could allocate 30GB of space on a 3GB plan as long as you're under the 3GB.

So basically this is all due to other costs outside the space and bandwidth portion of the account.

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