ftp command not available from SSH?


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When I wanted to transfer my site here from another host,

I went to the old host and generated a full Cpanel backup, saving it there.


I then used puTTY to SSH into my new Hawkhost server to bring it across.

But when I entered

  • # ftp

I got in response this message:

  • -bash: ftp: command not found

It is the same on each of the two Hawkhost servers where I have an account.


I was able to do what I wanted by doing the same thing on the other host,

and ftp'ing back here, and using PUT rather than GET.


Question then is:

  • Is this by intention or omission?
  • Or is there another command to use?


There doesn't seem to be a big security issue, since (I believe)

you can do any ftp command you want in reverse since ftpd is running,

and it will accept inbound connections.  As long as you can initiate

an ftp session from the 'other side' you're ok.  But if TWO hosts have

the same policy, ... well then you'd need a third party intermediary,

which would just slow things down.


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If you open a ticket with our support team asking ftp to be made available they should be able to add it for you.  We use CageFS which allows us to restrict accounts to just what is necessary for them to function.  We do however understand in some cases users need features like ftp which we'll gladly add for their account.

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