Litespeed caching just for Wordpress?


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This knowledgebase article

gives instructions for how to enable caching.


It specifically mentions Wordpress pages ...


Is there something particular about Wordpress pages that is relevant?

Or would the same technique help other types of pages too?


For many of my files I specifically don't want caching - it's a real pain for a developer

who wants to upload a new version of a file and try it out quickly [*],

but I do have some largish Javascript files that hardly ever change -

the time between changes is measured in years - so I would think this would

be apt for those ... and similarly for other seldom changed files.



[*] The use of caching in a big way on my previous host was one of the things

that prompted moving my site to Hawkhost.



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It's possible to use caching on any web site you would just need to configure the rules to make it compatible with your application.  So for example if you look at the Wordpress example there is this portion:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^(wp-admin|wp-login.php|wp-cron.php)

This is wordpress specific telling it to never cache wp-admin, wp-login.php or wp-cron.php as those you'd never want to cache obviously.  So for another application you would probably need to update to reflect the change in the admin url and any login url's.


In your case if you're only wanting to cache Javascript files (.js) there isn't going to be any benefit as the caching is geared towards caching dynamic files.  Litespeed already when there are requests to js, css, html it gzips them then puts them in it's gzip cache so that there isn't a need to gzip the files on every request.  It only updates the gzip cache when the files change.

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