Cpanel for second domain?


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I am relatively new to websites, but pretty tech savvy.


I bought my first domain yesterday and uploaded my HTML/CSS files (  I received a "New account Activation" email from Host Hawk shortly after I created this domain, and used the FTP information given and now its good to go.  I can access Cpanel from it and all.


My Question:


I bought a second domain, and plan to build my first wordpress website. it has been 2 hours and I got my confirmation email and the new domain is now 'active'.  However, i have not received my "New account activation" email.  Is the FTP and Cpanel information the same as my first domain?  


Or is Host Hawk just being a bit slow to send me my Cpanel and FTP information for this new domain?




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Hey Jeff! Welcome to the forums!


If the second domain name you bought was just a registration and you didn't purchase a second hosting account then you wouldn't receive additional FTP/cPanel information. Those details are only sent when an actual hosting service is purchased.


For your second domain you can add it to the existing hosting account using the 'Addon Domain' interface in cPanel. You can then either use the addon domain details to login via FTP or you can use the primary FTP login you were sent in the "New Account Information" email.

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