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  1. I am relatively new to websites, but pretty tech savvy. I bought my first domain yesterday and uploaded my HTML/CSS files ( I received a "New account Activation" email from Host Hawk shortly after I created this domain, and used the FTP information given and now its good to go. I can access Cpanel from it and all. My Question: I bought a second domain, and plan to build my first wordpress website. it has been 2 hours and I got my confirmation email and the new domain is now 'active'. However, i have not received my "New account activation" email. Is the FTP and Cpanel information the same as my first domain? Or is Host Hawk just being a bit slow to send me my Cpanel and FTP information for this new domain? Thanks Jeff
  2. I am pretty new to websites, but very tech savvy, so please forgive if this is a dumb question. Question: The type of wordpress account that is in Cpanel. Is that a account, or a account? I am going to start my first wordpress site and would like to know which one it is. I understand that there is a difference... Thanks! Jeff