Pluto issue?


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My understanding is someone resolved the issue. Pluto has had a fun month with abuse of it :(

  • Several users started mass deleting add-on domains triggering an annoying bug in cPanel that will not be resolved until some time in 11.25. It basically causing stats runs for each deletion. Users delete 20 add-on domains and we now have 20 stats runs going on all at once. It also then does restarts for each so we now have the web server doing rolling restarts.
  • Abuse of system resources. Several users have made themselves known after their proxy like web sites started receiving 10,000 times as much traffic as before and obviously as a result got booted since proxy's are against our aup for this exact reason.

No matter how much we try always one server where somethings go wrong. It's either hardware or abuse of the server or something. You simply cannot win with shared hosting.

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