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Cool what if one of us where to make you just a simple more matching HawkHost forum template, Would you guys use it?

We probably would.

I'll throw this out there any customer of ours who's interested contact me via pm here and we'll see.

We probably should do the blog as well while we're at it.

We obviously can pay or give free hosting goodies or whatever we're flexible.

I might actually just contact some of our customers who run design companies might get a better response. It's funny with thousands of customers our forum only has about 50 actual registered users who are customers. That might even be on the high end.

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With vBulletin 4.0 due to be moving into beta in the next few months, will the Hawk Host Forums be upgraded to vB4 as well?

Only reason to ask is due to the fact that there are some major changes in the styles from 3.8 to 4 given what's been posted on

We'd just skin it again the cost is not a big deal.

As far as when the current one will be done I'll be contacting some people this week. It's been very busy I keep putting this on the back burner :(

This should start slowing down a bit though with a large majority of the upgrading of servers completed.

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