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(Unsure of where to put this, but since I'm currently on a VPS I'm guessing this is the most appropriate location)

Is it painless to upgrade from a VPS to a Dedicated server?

I've been setting up an SVN server that'll be used in a business venture I'll start soon, and I've noticed that committing to the repos + SFTP is a touch slow.

I'm not sure what the "normal" speed is, I just know that the "web hotel" my workplace uses for their websites (not located on the same network, that much I know) is a hell of a lot quicker.

So when the business really kicks off, so will the resource requirements, and thus a Dedicated will be the way to go, which may even take care of this speed "problem".

Hopefully I won't need to re-do all of this setup and re-import the repositories :P

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work :D

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Speed issues for something like that is probably a network problem of some kind rather than a resource issue. So there is a routing issue between you and the datacenter causing slow downs. I'd test this by downloading our test downloads from each location: http://www.hawkhost.com/Network/index . I bet the slowest one is the one your VPS is in which would confirm some sort of routing issue.

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Average download times were:

Dallas TX (where my VPS is): 350 KB/sec

Washington DC: 450 KB/sec

Seattle WA: 200 KB/sec

My max speed is 2 MB/sec (17.5 mbit/sec). Nothing else was using my network connection.

The SSH/SVN are not painfully slow though, so if nothing can be done then it's not a big deal :)

So are you able to transfer the OS image of a VPS onto a Dedicated server, or would I need to re-configure my account for when the time comes to upgrade?

It'll happen eventually, even if it won't speed up these things :P

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It's not possible for us to transfer OS images to a dedicated server so you'd need to transfer the data yourself. Also any dedicated servers we offer are substantially expensive we do not offer low end machines. We deal strictly with highend so Dual Xeon 5520, 12GB ram, 4x300GB SAS 15K Raid-10 for example. We do not deal with a single Opteron 170 with 2GB ram and a 250GB SATA drive.

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