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I am looking to give access to Awstats of an add-on domain (on shared hosting but already have SSH access) without giving access to cpanel. There are a couple of old scripts on the web but neither seem secure (they use cpanel login on external config files, etc).


Is there a secure way to do this, may be a password protected directory to view the Awstats reports? Is symlink possible and can it be on password protrected link? if so would appreciate help.


Note: I put public in " " because I am giving access to only one person only.



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It's not going to be easy but one idea (I haven't tried it) would be installing your own awstats. cPanel stores the data files themselves at /home/yourusername/tmp/awstats . You could load those from your own installation and just password protect that installs directory.

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I did this a couple of weeks ago but forgot to come back and post. I found a solution - via google, not my own solution - that works by uploading relevant Awstats files and then changing a path, much like what Tony described above.


Download Awstats from

Upload cgi-bin (this can be renamed after) and icon folders in the download to root of your site

Change and in the folder uploaded to 755

Go to temp/awstats in cpanel and download the conf file for your domain from there (

Open it and change DirIcons value to DirIcons="/icon/" and upload it to the cgi-bin (or renamed) folder uploaded earlier

Awstats can now be accessed 

without needing cpanel login, be sure to use cpanel to password protect the cgi-bin (or renamed) folder.

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