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On my site 90% of the spam trapped by Akismet has, according to the ip address recorded, come from just one ip address.

Despite the fact that, to my knowledge, none of the spam has been published on my site it continues to arrive, day after day, from the exact same ip address and with the same type of content.

What is the most effective way to get the company that the ip address appears to be owned by to take action against the spammer? Is there some type of spam reporting "form letter" that I send to their abuse email address, is there some recognized specific terminology that I should use when reporting the spam...?

Many times, since Askimet has trapped the spam, I might not even notice or take any further action, but I am slightly bothered by the fact that, apparently, this same spammer continues to try and get spam posted on my site.

I realize the spam may be sent automatically by whatever "process" the spammer is using. Still, this particular site is brand new. I do not even understand why this spammer, or whatever automated means he is using to send spam, would be interested in a brand new site with, virtually, no traffic or content. I would expect the spammer to set certain criteria, if he/she is using an automated means to spam, that would rule out new sites, like the one in question, with little content.

Anyway, I am thinking about banning the ip address, for a week or so at least. If the same spam begins to come from a different ip address then I guess I know the spammer is doing something to obfuscate his/her actual ip address.

{I guess I have no fast way of determining if that spammer is the only traffic I am getting from that ip address. If I knew it was ONLY the spammer coming from that ip address I guess I would not mind redirecting traffic from that ip address to INTERPOL's website, or something. Can anyone offer advice on an easy method I can use to redirect traffic from a particular ip address to some place other than my website?}

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You can block the IP using .htaccess

I believe this will do the job for you:

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

A lot of these bots are automated they find sites and they'll come back every single day. There is no point in redirecting them to another site.

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...redirecting them to another site.

OK. I will ban the ip Tony. Thanks for the code.

Incidentally, INTERPOL is that international police organization. I just wanted to clarify so no one thinks I would randomly redirect spammers from my site to another site. My hope, by redirecting them to the INTERPOL, or say america's FBI or CIA, website is that the spammer would be far more likely to get into trouble quickly with those police agencies if they were redirected to them and continued to spam.

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