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I'm looking to move my reseller account and you have very good reviews for your service and support.

As I'm in Europe (UK specifically) my main concern is that if your service should go down for any reason the time difference would be a major factor in any response to a support ticket. The nightmare scenario is waiting all day for a response while customers are screaming at me for 8 hours because they have no email/ecommerce/website.

I don't expect you guys to stay up all night but can you comment please? Is European support impractical for you? Any UK user experience would also be welcome.


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Hi Tony

Thanks for your reply. Round the clock support is good especially if it's from real human beings.

I'd like to ask about an aspect of branding using webmail. If I access webmail with a URL such as

is it redirected to something like

thereby losing any branding of the hosted 'mydomainname' company or my company name as the reseller?

No doubt the IP address could be used to access webmail (making it fairly anonymous to most users) but it would probably be blocked as a phishing site.


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As a result of Tony's reply to my original query with the reassurance of 24/7 ticket support I've now signed up for a reseller account. The service so far is excellent and on the occasions where I've needed help (how-to queries mostly) I've found the replies to be quick and, as Fowler says, very helpful. I highly recommend HH.

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