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On our order form it asks you what location you'd like so you can select Washington DC.

Also make sure you're talking about the right Washington. There is Seattle, Washington where Washington is the state and there is Washington DC where Washington is the city. Seattle is on the west coast and Washington is on the east coast.

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I just singed up and found out ( I chose Washington) that I am placed in Dallas, TX. I want to be in washingon datacenter, can you please move my account. Have not uploaded yet any websites.

I will pm you my user name.

Ticket ID: PAH-219217

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Hi blagoj,

I had the same issue when I first started.

What you can do is to trace the route to your IP address using:

Start > Run > cmd > tracert 999.999.999.999

where 999.999.999.999 is your IP address (e.g. is HH's IP address)

You should see "washingtondc-datacenter" just before reaching your server. Hope this helps.

It's funny how some of us end up "blaming" Hawk Host for not giving us what we wanted for our server location when it's really the ambiguous geo IP at fault.

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