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Firstly, forgive me if I'm asking something nonsensical cos I'm rather non-tech.

I'm wondering if litespeed is more secure than normal linux servers because I read somewhere in this forum that it does not support ini.php file which is what my present host is using to keep out hackers (hopefully). Also correct me if I'm wrong, litespeed also does not use chmod.

So, how does securing files compare/work?


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hello wrinkle,

Litespeed is the web server that hawkhost uses, its not to do with the Linux server it self it just serves the web pages to the out side world. CHMOD will work as its a part of the file permission of Linux. As for been secure from what i know litespeed is very secure.

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I assume by ini.php you mean a php.ini file. The server obviously still uses one to set all the PHP settings. For you overriding some settings you just use a .htaccess file and do something like:

php_value myvar 0

This is the same as what you do under Apache when PHP is running as it and not as a CGI.

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