Any way to do routine local backups?


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I know Cpanel has a function for doing full backups then downloading them via file manager, but I wish there was an easy way to schedule them routinely, or is there?  Probably more of a Cpanel suggestion than a Hawkhost suggestion but just thought I'd put it out there.  Yes I'm aware that HawkHost has R1Soft for backups as well (and good for you), but I'm just paranoid that way  :) and like to have something locally backed up once a month or so.

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There is unfortunately no way to automate this through cPanel directly. One of the underlying problems to that is if the functionality existed, folks could setup a cron to run once a day (or even more frequently) to generate backups which, depending on the size of their account, could be quite server intensive. Now scale that to X amount of users of your entire hosting network and you have a whole lot of IO problems coming up.

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