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On the Server Status page, is it possible to arrange the servers in alphabetical order. It is kind of alphabetical but there are quite a few that are not and it makes it hard to find a specific server.BTW it is a shame you have stopped with the fun server names and instead are using location/number based names.

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I have an (IMO) even better suggestion:


Convert the page to a format somewhat like Cpanel,

with servers grouped by function or location or what have you.


Make it so you can expand / collapse each section,

and have an "Expand / Collapse All" button for those who want an overall view.


By default, when you open the page, all sections are collapsed.


Most people will be interested in a limited number of servers (in many cases

just one) and this would make it easier to find it / them versus scrolling through a

long (and growing) semi-sorted list.


It would look something like this:

[ Dallas ] [ expand / collapse ]

  • Dal006
  • Dal007
  • Dal008
  • ....


[ Dallas VZ ] [expand / collapse]

  • DalVZ001
  • DalVZ002
  • ...

and so on ...

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Here is another suggestion:

Use the "title=" attribute on the img tags so that some basic information

can be conveyed without having to open another page.


Hovering the mouse over an icon would bring up a small popup with the text.

(For example on this page, if I hover over the user icons at the head of each post,

it comes up "Your Profile" or "View Profile: Fowler" as the case may be.)


Here is a snippet of the HTML as it currently is:

<tr id="dallas-tx">
    <a href="/services/dallas-tx">Dallas, TX</a>
<td class="status highlight">
    <a href="/services/dallas-tx"> 
     <img class="sym" src="/images/icons/fugue/cross-circle.png" alt="">
<td class="status"> 
    <img class="sym" src="/images/icons/fugue/tick-circle.png" alt="">
.... lots more same as the previous

For the ones operating normally (tick-circle.png), nothing more is needed.


For the exceptions such as:





adding title='Networking issues' for example

or some other brief explanation would make the page more user-friendly.


To get any more information now, you must click the icon and wait for the next page to come up.


(Probably a good idea to fill in the alt= text as well while you're at it.)

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We actually intend on changing the server status page shortly - it's going to be more generic and list any current issues (and previous ones being viewable). Once we do that we can try to tweak it to everyone's liking.


I've added this to our internal issue so we can evaluate it once we launch the new page :).

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