substantial distributed denial of service attack


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Hi My Name is Lusiano


Server cougar received this status


One of cougars shared IP addresses has been null routed due to a substantial distributed denial of service attack. We are currently shifting accounts on the affected IP to new IP addresses.


I want to ask this using ticket but my question is too common to open new ticket


1. I want to know if my site is the one who get attacked or the other site?

My site is freesms4**.com (Hawkhost staff will know my site)


2. What is the cause of this DOS? just short answer related to cougar server

3. how to prevent it, if i can prevent it?


Thank You


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1. In most cases we unfortunately do not know we see a huge burst of traffic at the IP rather than a user site.

2. There is a malicious user who does not like a site on the IP you're on. They launched a large attack against the IP in an attempt to bring the site in question down.

3. You cannot prevent it no one can prevent attacks unfortunately. You can buy very expensive mitigation services but it's no guarantee. Even the largest sites on the internet have been taken down it's just a matter of an attack large enough.

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