How do you publish the website if only installing Wordpress through softaclous?


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Right now if I typed domain in it brings me to the default hawkhost page with option to log into c panel. My intentions are to create a website that also hosts my already in existence free Wordpress blog onto already purchased domain.

I can see in RVSitebuilder an option to publish but not an option to import my blog nor can I figure out how to add other components I need such as an interactive gallery and my zazzle store flash panel (has. Referral link built in)

I have up with RVSitebuilder and resigned myself to a Wordpress site and installed the softaclous Wordpress plug. But then it created a new blog rather than importing my existing one. So I did the import ritual.....only I see nothing aludeing to publishing the site and when I typed my domain into my browser I still saw the hawkhost defalt page. With Cpanel log in options.

What am I doing wrong? How do I publish my site if not using RVSitebuilder or am I suposed to use both?

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I've opened a ticket on your account with us (Ticket ID HOA-478-32643) which I'd like to use to address your issues. I think it'll be easier for both of us if I can see your account details and we can discuss private information that I wouldn't want to bring into a forum.


@tekiegreg I appreciate you being quicker on these forum replies than I am at times. You've been most helpful to a number of people and I just wanted you to know it goes a long way.

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