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Anyone who doesn't follow/read our blog may have missed this, so I wanted to open a thread here.


For a breakdown of the plans we offer, the differences between them, and who should use what, this is a good place to start: http://blog.hawkhost.com/2013/05/08/back-to-the-basics-shared-reseller-semi-dedicated-and-vps-hosting/


The idea was to give new users or people setting up a site for the first time an idea of what the differences are between plans. Feedback is welcome :)

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Good article, enjoyed reading, even though I knew a lot of this.


A good follow up article someday might be:


"You know it's time to upgrade to a VPS when." and/or "You know it's time to consider semi-dedicated hosting instead of standard hosting when."

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Are you me? I have a list of blog post ideas for the future and that theme is one of them! :P


That said, I do agree that would be useful. A lot of people throw money at problems and, as much as you'd think otherwise, we'd rather help someone fix the problem itself. Cure the disease, not the symptom (or some idiom along those lines).


Obviously there comes a point where you outgrow shared hosting if your site is busy enough but if a single plugin or bad code is slowing your site down, that is an easy (and cheaper) fix.

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