IMAP Email and Port blocking?


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Hey guys, yesterday noticed I couldn't send email anymore using Thunderbird setup for IMAP, after trying on a different connection (Laptop IMAP at work) and succeeding I'm guessing my ISP decided to block something recently.  A quick check of the Xfinity/Comcast website revealed nothing helpful about what they were doing so I'm wondering if HawkHost can be more helpful.  Has Hawkhost seen Comcast do anything funny with ports lately?  Any ideas for workarounds?  Thanks!

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A lot of ISP's block port 25 which is the default SMTP port.  You can get around this by using port 26 as we have that available as well.


I had a thought, if my ISP catches on to that one as well, I'll just get a VPS from you guys just to spite Comcast, set up my own mail server and play "Port Whack-A-Mole" with my ISP :D

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