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I'm the co-owner of a small but growing forum that is finding itself rapidly outgrowing the capacity a normal Shared host can provide, so we're investigating getting a VPS to be somewhat future-proof for the time being.

Having read around this forum, I have a few questions:

1) Is there a limit on concurrent MySQL connections even on a VPS server?

2) Will a shoutbox be a problem even on a VPS?

It is a very attractive feature for members (it isn't displayed to guests), and we'd rather not have to disable it. It's also only displayed on the main forum page.

The VPS plan we're thinking of is the Standard plan, for now, if that's of any importance to any of these questions.

Thank you in advance :)

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1) Nope

2) Well depending on how popular your forum is it may become a problem for you. If your shoutbox is using a lot of resources it's going to cause problems just for your account. We're not going to disable your VPS for having one but you'll make your VPS slow if it's using all your resources.

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