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I am trying to implement a paypal shopping cart on one of my sites. When processing a return from paypal I get a "405 Method Not Allowed" http error.

I have spent a couple of days with the paypal develpement team and everything is in the right place and the only thing not in their control is their web server.

here is their latest response;

"405 method not allowed" this has to do with the method (POST) in this case and may have to do with your server. Here is an explanation of the error.

Do you have any ideas?

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I had this same issue a few days ago. It has to do with litespeed - They (litespeed) basically said that my CGI scripts were being run as static files (ie there was no AddHandler set to process .cgi files as CGI). I couldn't quite buy that so I just rewrote my scripts using php.

I noted that if I changed post to get it eliminated the problem but that wouldn't work in my situation.

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The problem in this case was the user had a .html file accepting POST requests which is not possible. Depending on the ISP and browser it would produce an error.

As for your issue CGI is handled fine so that does not make a whole lot of sense that it did not work.

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That's why I said I couldn't buy the answer. I had a form posting to a cgi script and it was throwing that error, yet other scripts were working fine. Figured it was easier to rewrite than track down the issue.

Now that I think about it it may have been that the script was producing the html page with results after processing. Not sure but it was easier to just rewrite in my case.

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