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  1. pawpawah

    405 Method Not Allowed

    That's why I said I couldn't buy the answer. I had a form posting to a cgi script and it was throwing that error, yet other scripts were working fine. Figured it was easier to rewrite than track down the issue. Now that I think about it it may have been that the script was producing the html page with results after processing. Not sure but it was easier to just rewrite in my case.
  2. pawpawah

    405 Method Not Allowed

    I had this same issue a few days ago. It has to do with litespeed - They (litespeed) basically said that my CGI scripts were being run as static files (ie there was no AddHandler set to process .cgi files as CGI). I couldn't quite buy that so I just rewrote my scripts using php. I noted that if I changed post to get it eliminated the problem but that wouldn't work in my situation.
  3. pawpawah

    Excellent experience

    Just wanted to say thanks to Cody and Tony for what has so far been an excellent experience at Hawk Host. I purchased two accounts here in the last month and have been extremely pleased. They have assisted me in transferring multiple accounts and worked with me to schedule the moves during our slow hours. The few issues that arose were handled extremely fast and professionally. Responses to support requests with a low priority are usually so fast that I get an answer before I close the browser window. Server performance has been great in both DCs and we notice much snappier loading sites. I honestly cannot think of a negative to include in this review Thanks again.