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We are re-designing my existing site to include chatting which is currently on shared hosting plan. I read that its not possible to have chat software installed on shared hosting plan. Our site is social networking site and chatting is essential part of it. 

What are my options and does shared hosting enough to handle load for such thing. I don't need some sales pitch here, please be honest in your replies and please suggest me some viable option. 

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The reason our TOS/AUP lists that chat scripts are not allowed is if they grow too large or aren't maintained they can cause *massive* resource issues due to the constant refreshing and having multiple visitors connected at any given time. We do not proactively seek out/look for chat scripts, the only time they come to our attention is if your account is abusing system resources.


As long as you can keep your resources in check for a shared environment and don't cause server issues there should be no issues running this on your account. Should you end up causing resource issues our abuse team will contact you and at that time we can work to fix this issue.

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