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I'd like to move my wife's web site from Ipower to Hawk Host very soon and have a question or two.

She currently runs 'gallery' and 'nucleus' on her web site. I have (I think) managed to back up her files and through Ipower's interface I think I have managed to back up her databases for gallery and nucleus. I know Hawk Host provide both 'gallery' and 'Nucleus' but I'm very nervous about how to move the databases for both of these. I have downloaded the backups for these databases and they end in a .dmp.gz extension.

Is it possible to somehow use these backups when I move her web site and upload her files? Basically I want Hawk Host to host the exact same web site instead of Ipower..basically so visitors to her site have access to exactly the same stuff as they currently do.

I've moved web sites before but haven't had to deal with the databases from Nucleus and Gallery before. I'd hate for my wife to lose data.

Any advice would be very gratefully received.



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What you'll need in order to move the files is ftp across all the PHP files and images. So the best way to do this is to FTP into the space with ipower and download all the files in the public_html portion. Then you'd login to your ftp with us and upload the files to the public_html folder.

You'll need the database backups which you have. You'll create the databases for each script. You'll then import them into the database. Finally you'll need to modify the configuration files of the scripts to point to the new database names.

After this in theory everything should work.

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Thanks a lot for your help. It all seems to make sense. I'm just very nervous because I'm doing this for my wife know :) Apart from that I'm having to deal with Ipower and that's never fun. I always seem to get a crappy connection via FTP and constantly have to baby-sit the whole process.

Anyway, thanks again. I know I can always count on Hawk Host.


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It's relatively easy to do. It's not as easy as say if the previous host was using cPanel but still easy. With the other host being cPanel based we can actually restore everything. With a host like ipower it's best the site owner or someone with access to it does it as the formats of usernames for the database and possibily even the structure of the account will be different.

So I guess just a pain to do manually but once you're moved then no headaches :)

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