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Was just looking at your Dallas 40% special and couldn't help but think, notwithstanding any specific requirements (aka being closest to my home Cable Modem for speed, targeting customers in Singapore, etc.), which DataCenter is the best for overall Internet connectivity (or the one I should pick for a non-geographic targeted site)? I would think the Dallas one (and that's where I'm at anyways) but I'm curious about what others do. Thanks!

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Each location we offer (give or take a few peers/carriers) has roughly the same network mix so connectivity will be similar between them all. Dallas being in the central US makes it a great location for all North, Central, and South American traffic. Latency from Europe/Asia isn't that bad either. Amsterdam/Washington are best for Europe and Singapore/San Jose/Seattle are best for people in the Asia-Pacific region, though that is just a function of being physically closer.

Bottom line if you're looking for a solid overall location regardless of your target customers, your physical proximity, etc, I would suggest Dallas.

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