Server Hacked?


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Hey guys,

I'm really not happy.

The 2 sites i host (1 of them is my clients)

Have been defaced:

The others had malicious stuff on it so anyone visiting with Chrome or FireFox got stopped with a warning page & i lost access to the admin area:

I'd like compensation for this as my client is really upset and skyping me like crazy, i need the posts from Medzyana as there were literally 30-40 blog posts all 500 words+ and a LOAD of SEO work done..

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Most of the time it is issues with individual sites being "hacked" and not the host's server. I would start a support ticket and let the support team look into it. It may be that an FTP account of yours has been compromised or something like that that the host can't really be held responsible for.

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the same problem arrived wioth me also and i was in too much problem for that of my sites as it got hacked and it took nearly a week to get resolved just wanna say as to bit increase the speed of resolving the customers issues

I'd be very interested to take a look at this, as almost all abuse issues, at least on our side, are resolved within hours of you getting back to us. If there is any extended delay it is usually due to repeat issues or you not doing as we've instructed (cleaning the account, fixing the actual abuse issue, etc).

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hacking of the site by the hackers is common thing these days as if one dosent keeps his acount safe from security as well as softwares and firewalls then he will surely get the problem of his site hacking, as this problem arrive with me also but i will really appreciate the service of this hawkhost as they resolve d my issue for this hacking

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