Domain Registrations Changes (Good ones!)

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Very small change to our domain registration offerings, but we're now accepting 2 and 3 year registrations and renewals on the following domains:








Previously the longest term we offered was one year. Pricing for all these TLDs is $21.90 for 2 years and $32.85 for 3. We're also looking into offering some different domains, specifically .ca,,, .me, and maybe a few others.

If there are any specific ones you guys would like offered / see value in, I'm all ears! :)

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just wanted to know whether you are offering th domain like .ZA of south africa and if yes then what will be your registration charge on this domain???? and do you provide 2 as well as 3 years registration on this

We do not offer registration for .ZA domains so we wouldn't be able to help you there :(

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