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Help me.. :D

i want buy VPS hosting, single domain, and SSL. Please guide me the step by step until from buy VPS hosting, add single domain, my website running well with SSL too..

best regards.


* SSL = i will buy the alpha ssl first in here

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Order Summary

Description Price Virtual Private Servers - Basic (

» Operating System: CentOS 5

» Control Panel: cPanel $60.00 USD

» Additional IP's: None

» Softaculous: No

» Rvskin + Fantastico: No

» LiteSpeed: No

[Edit Configuration] [Remove] $168.00 USD

Promotional Code:

Subtotal: $168.00 USD

Total Due Today: $168.00 USD

Total Recurring: $168.00 USD Semi-Annually

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You can order these all through our website and just add them to your cart.

For the domain, go to and register the domain you want. Once the domain is added to your cart and you're on step 3 of the order form, click the VPS tab in our navigation and add the VPS you want to your cart. Before you check out, repeat the same process for the SSL certificate. Before you complete the order you can review your cart and remove any items you don't need, add any promo codes in, etc.

Alternatively you could place three separate orders and do each one at a time :)

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