Cannot login to client area, can't send email


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So I just submitted a ticket and received this notice:

"The email you're contacting us from is not an authorized user for the account in question. Please submit your request from the accounts authorized email, or add this address as a contact through your client area."

I cannot access my client area which was the subject of the ticket!! And yes, that is the authorized email, it's the one I used when I purchased the account, it's the one I last signed in with, and so how am I going to figure out what my email has changed to when I can't sign in to see it or use my email to sign in??? I changed the email at one point when I was transferring the domain, but I switched it back to my main email after the transfer was completed and signed in several times after that with the email in question. So I don't know what happened, or how it was changed, but it has apparently been changed or something.

I can receive email, but I cannot send it. That was the reason for attempting to sign into my client area in the first place when I first noticed that I could not sign in. I can access my dashboard control panel with that login and password, but I can't access my email. Can someone please sort this out for me???

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If you're unable to access your client area, you can use to reset your password. If you have a security question set which you don't remember, then we'll need you to provide additional verification to prove you're the account owner. That verification will need to be handled via ticket (as the info is private) so please update your existing ticket if you cannot gain access after the password reset.

Additionally if you PM me your ticket ID I can take a look into the situation for you if it's not been resolved yet.

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