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Hi, I've submitted a ticket (one day ago) and requested a cancellation (two-three days ago) through the Client Area but I haven't had any response so I'll quickly sum the problem up here.

Bascially, I will not be having regular internet for a while, so I want to let a friend take over the site. He wants to use his own hosting, and I recommended him to use HawkHost. He tried to sign up, but during the first step when it asks for the domain, when he puts it in he gets this message;

"The domain you entered is already registered with us - you will need to cancel it prior to placing a new order"

I'm assuming that this is because it's still being used as the main domain on my hosting, which is why I requested it to be cancelled. So, basically I'm just wondering how long it will take? Thanks :)

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Please PM me the ticket ID you're not receiving a reply to, though in this instance he's trying to register an already registered domain. That would happen whether the domain was registered with us or someone else. On step 2 of the order form, please have them use the third option, which is:

" I will update my nameservers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain."

I've tested this and even with a registered domain with us the order form will still let you advance to order the actual hosting.

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