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Currently, there doesn't seem to be an option to close a resolved ticket. At the moment, we have to wait for it to self close. Which of course also sends out several e-mails to remind us that it will be closing.

I think it would be easier on your support, customers, and your mail servers, if there was an option to close a ticket.

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This is something we may look into modifying, currently the way we have our workfow/helpdesk setup it isn't an option though. If there is a ticket you'd like closed you can ask in your last reply and we'll make sure that's done for you.

I recall making that request before... It wasn't noticed (seemingly ignored)

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  • 3 years later...

Now, three years later, there IS a Close Ticket button on each ticket

( I don't have any idea when it was introduced - I'm new here )


however ... for me at least, it does not do anything.


Clicking it once, twice, three times ... the ticket remains in Open state,

and the reminder emails arrive, sure as shootin' ....


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