20 hours and account still not activated


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I've purchased a shared hosting account 20 hours ago. After waiting a couple hours I've submitted a ticket. Apart from an automated message, there was no response for 16 hours. I caught billing support online and asked for the status of my account activation. I was told to reply to the ticket with some additional info which I did immediately. 2 hours passed with no response. I asked again for the status and I was told that they were waiting for some manager to arrive? Again 2 hours have passed since; no response, live support is offline again (although it's in business hours) and I'm waiting in the dark.

Waiting for hours desperately for a simple operation, very very disappointing.

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If this has not been resolved and this issue is still pending please PM me your ticket ID. What likely happened here is some of the details on your account caused the order to be flagged as fraud, which requires manual overview by a member of our management team. That in mind our management crew is generally only available during the day (Eastern time zone) on business days so there are a number of factors at play here which may have caused this delay.

Either way I do apologize since a 20 hour wait is not acceptable. Should you have any other issues or concerns please PM me or submit a ticket at https://support.hawkhost.com to our billing department and asked for it to be addressed to myself (Brian). Thank you very much! :)

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