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I would like to know do you offer DNS control to make our own CNAMES, A-RECORDS and custom MX?

As this is something i use a lot on my other host and they rae very crap and i have only used cpanel a very long time ago (cpanel 9).

You cannot manage your own CNAME and A Records from within cPanel. You can however manage your own MX entry within it. Reseller accounts have the ability but for whatever reason cPanel has never given it to the user. So we'll gladly add entries for you.

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okay cool.

save opening anther topic.

Do you have shared SSL?


more in the DNS side i want to know can we use our domains dns and put @ and www to the servers ip and the mail nameserver to the servers ip or will it not work?

You can do that just make sure you're pointing it at the right IP. The right IP will be in your cPanel not the one we send in the account information email that says main server IP. As it says right in the email it's just the main server ip and not your IP.

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