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Hi there,

I have been having some problems with my current Reseller Account provider for over 3 months now (slow server times, downtime due to load spikes etc.) after what has been around 4 years of quite good service.

Anyway the ongoing problems has caused me to look elsewhere and as far as I can see HawkHost look pretty damned good and are very competetive price-wise.

I'm currently hosting around 26 websites, mostly low to medium traffic, WordPress, Joomla etc. My current host uses WHM and cPanel.

My questions are:

How easy would it be to transfer all of my sites across to a new HawkHost account?

Is this something HawkHost could do for me and if so does that incur a cost?

What would the likely downtime be while the transferral takes place? (assuming I'll have to redirect all of the domains as I'm currently on a shared IP).

Once the sites are transferred will I be able to check they are all up and running smoothly before redirecting the IPs?

Many thanks.

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I'm not HawkHost staff, so don't go 100% by my answers, but I think they're right :)

1) It's easy to move sites over to HawkHost - hassle free. You'd have to change the nameservers on each domain though to point to HawkHost's (or if you're using custom nameservers, you'd have to change the IPs that they point to)

2) I believe HawkHost would do the migration for you - for free. Could a staff member please confirm?

3) There shouldn't be much downtime at all - you may experience a bit of downtime when you change the nameservers (which is called DNS propagation - this just means you have to wait for your ISP to update their DNS for you to see the site). This process can take up to 72 hours, although typically is done in 24, sometimes much less than that.

4) Yes, there should be a link you can use to access all of the websites. It would be something like http://yourresellerip/~cpanelusername I believe.

I hope this helps you :)

Thank you.

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I'm basing my answers off the assumption you're using cPanel, so if that is incorrect please let me know! :)

1) Does your current host use cPanel? If so migrating sites/accounts is a very easy process.

2) We can handle this for you, you'd just need to provide the login details to the old control panel

3) The only downtime would be associated with DNS propagation due to changing the site IPs/nameservers. The site would't actually be down, it would just appear that way until your cache updates.

4) You can use a preview URL for all accounts to verify they transferred properly.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions! Additionally you can submit a ticket at https://support.hawkhost.com with our sales team and they can help out :)

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Hi Brian (& mrnothersan),

Thanks for the advice. Yes, they use cPanel and WebHost Manager so I assume I would just have to let you have the login for the WHM Control Panel and the transfer would be quite straightforward. That's great.

I currently have custom nameservers and most of my sites point to that so I guess it would just be a case of directing the main nameserver domain to Hawkhost. Sounds like I might be joining you all soon :)

Many thanks.

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Hey FlashLight,

Yep, you'd just need to submit a support ticket with the log in details for the account(s), and HawkHost staff will handly the migration for you :)

If you have custom nameservers, you'd just need to edit the IP that your nameservers point to, so that they point to HawkHost's server. I am sure the HH staff can help you with that.

I've not seen a bad review on HawkHost, and can assure you that once you've joined you'll absolutely love it.

I hope you join


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Thanks again for the advice. The fact that you guys also have an active forum here has also convinced me to join. I just signed up for Reseller Platinum for a year, with the added plus of finding a discount code on the HawkHost site :D

I look forward to getting to know everyone.


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Hello again :)

Yep, HawkHost is one of the few web hosting companies that even has a forum, and it's relatively active! HawkHost has a specials page on their site which is probably where you found that discount code. Once you get activated (if not already), I hope you enjoy your service with HH.

Welcome aboard.


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