Dallas, TX - Private Network Issues [12/9/2008]


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Date: Tuesday December 9th 2008 (12/09/2008)

Start time: 9:40 AM CST

End time: N/A

Devices: bcr01.dal01

Location: DAL01

Duration: 10 minutes

Services Effected: Private Network / bcr01.dal01


Datacenter Engineers were alerted to an issue occurring with BCR01.DAL01. Upon investigation, it was determined the router had crashed and was in the process of rebooting. Currently services are being restored, and Engineers are working diligently to determine the root cause of the issue.


Please note this only affects private back end network and for us specifically only the skyline server. All this means is currently Skyline is unable to communicate with the R1Soft backup systems so user file restores cannot be performed at this moment.

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