Your VPS server specs?


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All of our servers are listed at -- on that page just look for anything under the 'Virtual Private Server' category. That said all of them are minimum 2 x Intel E5520s with 24GB memory and 4x300GB SAS drives in RAID10 (same specs are shared hosting). A couple of the nodes are E5620 CPUs though.

We run everything on OpenVZ :)

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The VPS are provisioned as a default install of whatever OS you choose (CentOS is most popular) so there are not any optimizations done to the individual VPS, that'd be up to you. Plus, this lets you optimize the VPS specific to your environment and needs.

The nodes themselves are monitored constantly and should an issue occur we're notified right away. Just like our shared services we make sure the servers are performing optimally at all times, so no worries there :)

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