New to Hawkhost, So Far Awesome!


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A little about me, I'm generally considered a pro, mostly a Windows user, having setup windows servers for various purposes (including web) for about 12 years now. Also picked up some Linux experience along the way.

Anyways with Yahoo Small Business expiring for my wife's email soon, I decided to see if there was a cheaper and better place to call home (and soon!) seemed to point me in the general direction of HawkHost so I visited, spotted their plans and signed up. Set up a domain and email address, pointed a name server and voila my wife's email was safe.

Also I run my own little blog that my former host screwed up awhile ago and I couldn't quite fix fir whatever reason, decided to start anew with my email as well. Moved another domain in, fired up Fantastico to install wordpress and voila. This is too damn easy.

All in all, couldn't ask for better. I like that they're using CloudLinux which means any "hogs" will be in their own little walled garden (I really don't ask for much, we do get a lot of email but shouldn't be a big deal anyways, my website bandwidth is pathetic).

A quick question though: Can I change my billing plan duration if I wanted to go yearly? Can't seem to find an option for that anywhere, thanks!

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