Memory Replacement [10/16/2011]


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The sea005 server had crashed earlier today due to several sticks of memory failing on the system. Upon the server booting back up it was noted that the server was now reporting 16GB total memory opposed to the total 24GB. We've had four total sticks of memory fail which will need to be replaced. We will be replacing these on Sunday October 16th between 9am and 12pm PDT. This is the most off peak time for this server based on load average which is why we're doing it during this time. We estimate there will be about 30 minutes of downtime to replace the failed sticks of memory.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance notice please do not hesitate to contact our systems administration department.

Date: 10/16/2011

Start time (PDT): 9:00am

End time (PDT): 12:00pm

Duration: 3 hours

Estimated Down Time: 30 minutes

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Everything is now online. We'll be monitoring the server closely for the next 24 hours to ensure there are no further issues.

To wrap up the delay / what happened this morning:

* The machine crashed unexpectedly earlier on the 15th. We were able to get online and schedule a memory replacement of 8GB worth of RAM

* The server crashed unexpectedly early in the morning of the 16th

* We swapped out all of the memory ahead of the maintenance window due to crashes

* After swapping the memory the machine had issues posting until the processors were re-seated. Once booted the machine showed only 12GB of RAM

* After replacing the RAM again the machine failed to post a second time. We had the processors swapped and the machine posted / went online without issue

Sorry for any trouble this may have caused

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