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I had to move to a different web host provider since Hawk Host since I outgrew my shared web hosting and constantly hitting 100% of allotted cpu usage because of vBSEO.

So I had to move away to a different company because they offered a managed vps option.

I wish in the near future it's something you guys would add.

I absolutely love the level of service you guys provide.

Your servers are very well configured and the support is amazing.

The difference is day and night honestly.

Unfortunately the only thing I know about web hosting is how to run a vBulletin forums and certain plugins, that's it.

I am not an except when it comes down to cPanel/WHM or other softwares to keep them up to date, because I know if I mess with those tools there I will 100% mess up.

Just my 2 cents.

If You guys ever did offer some type of managed option I would switch back in a heart beat.

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You can stay with HawkHost. The VPS is managed with HawkHost. That means they will manage the server and certain software.

You're half right here. Our VPS services are semi-managed, in that the user is responsible for the primary configuration, maintenance and upkeep of their VPS. Should the user run into an issue they're unable to fix or need to bounce something off of us then we're of course there to help. So we're not a fully managed host but we're not going to leave you in the dark should you need us.

@IcEWoLF, as much as we'd love to offer this right now we're not in a position to. As you've noticed we like to do everything with a certain degree of quality -- that is, the best we possibly can. That attitude would carry over to our managed VPS service and right now we simply don't have the resources to offer a managed VPS service that matches the quality of our other services. We could hire out and make it a reality but right now we've got enough other exciting projects going on that this is something that we look forward to, but not something we do now. I hope everything is going well for you with your new provider and your site continues to grow! :D

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