Which plan for an actively visited WordPress site?


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Hello HH,

What hosting would be suitable for a pretty basic WordPress site that receives 15-25k pageviews a day and up to 50k on peak days? Most posts also have an image of approx. 100KB attached to them.

WP Super Cache plugin will be used to serve static html files. Visitor interaction with the site is low, mostly read-only.

From what I understand I have to choose a VPS hosting as it has resources already allocated and will be more powerful in handling such site.



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Hi there! What I'd suggest doing is start off with one of our shared hosting plans (determined by your disk/bandwidth) needs and going from there. As long as you're not running any resource intensive plugins and have your caching working properly, which it sounds like you do, we should be able to handle that on a shared plan.

Should that not work out for you, we do have a 30 day money back guarantee or you can always upgrade to a VPS which I know would be able to handle the traffic.

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