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  1. d3w

    GeoIP extension

    Hello, Is the GeoIP extension available on HawkHost's shared hosting plan? Thanks
  2. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    GF hits the 8,000 post mark, yaay!
  3. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    Yea, 1800th thread was created! Now we have 7,757 forum posts in 1,800 threads.
  4. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    Glad to announce that we have passed the 7k post mark. As of writing, the forum has a total of 7,112 posts in 1,669 threads.
  5. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    We are soon to welcome our 1700th member. Currently there are 1699 forum members registered.
  6. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    Thank you SteKs, glad you like!
  7. d3w

    GIMP Forums

    Good day! What is GIMP you may want to ask? GIMP is an open-source graphics application for the editing and creation of original images, icons, graphical elements of websites and art for user interface elements. GIMP is often cited as a replacement for Photoshop, because of GIMP's fitness for use in professional environments. GIMP Forums is a forum site covering all aspects of GIMP, this powerful photo editing software. Users of all experience levels are welcome!
  8. Hello HH, What hosting would be suitable for a pretty basic WordPress site that receives 15-25k pageviews a day and up to 50k on peak days? Most posts also have an image of approx. 100KB attached to them. WP Super Cache plugin will be used to serve static html files. Visitor interaction with the site is low, mostly read-only. From what I understand I have to choose a VPS hosting as it has resources already allocated and will be more powerful in handling such site. Thanks, d3w