Pluto migration, new features?


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Our shared only servers offer the following which aren't available on mixed ones:

Custom cPanel skin -- Along with it being a lot easier on the eyes than a default x3 theme, it includes custom links for things like support tickets, account upgrades, our forums, etc.

Cloud Flare plugin -- You can now control any sites using Cloud Flare right through cPanel, being able to enable protection and access your Cloud Flare account through the plugin.

SSH access -- All accounts created on these new servers are granted SSH access by default. This obviously doesn't impact existing customers but it does for future ones.

As you mentioned also, there are massive hardware gains here for users moving to dal006 (upgraded CPUs and hard drives). Internally, having services isolated between servers makes our jobs much easier. Well, I shouldn't say "our". I should say it makes the system administration team curse less and have a whole lot more control of the servers for backend work. Those less exciting hostnames are the product of that. I'm still a fan of our other names but practicality wins over personality in this situation.

Lastly, this opens up a lot of doors in the future. There have been features we've wanted to provide in the past which we couldn't since the services were on the same machines. Moving forward we don't have to worry about that which provides a lot of opportunities to enhance both our shared and reseller suite of services.

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Instead of creating a new thread, I will ask my question under this one:

When will you switch off the "old" servers? I was migrated last week, and I have cronjobs still running on Neptune (taking ftp backups to an offline site), and I was wondering if I can remove them. I don't want backups of the old files sent to my offline site.

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When accounts are migrated off to the new hardware we suspend the accounts on the old server, so the crons from Neptune will no longer work. If this doesn't seem to be the case for your account though please submit a ticket so we can locate your specific account details.

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