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  1. Odelli

    Pluto migration, new features?

    Instead of creating a new thread, I will ask my question under this one: When will you switch off the "old" servers? I was migrated last week, and I have cronjobs still running on Neptune (taking ftp backups to an offline site), and I was wondering if I can remove them. I don't want backups of the old files sent to my offline site.
  2. Odelli

    2 years with hawk host

    It's my second year, too. I've moved from "setup-and-worry" mode to the "setup-and-forget" mode since I started using Hawkhost. My visits to the customer, forum, or support pages are very seldom, everything is working so smoothly! This is how hosting should be done, thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  3. Hi, I didn't want to create a support ticket, as it's a not a big issue, but as you may also know creating MySQL stored procedures needs higher privileges than a db normal user. I have a query with a lot of joins that I want to convert to a stored procedure. Is there way to do it, with or without support's help?
  4. Odelli

    Cheering the cPanel new design !

    I'm not seeing it. Is it available to everyone, or you installing it successively?
  5. Odelli

    SSL without certificate in Wordpress

    Does this really work on shared servers? Wouldn't you need you own IP?
  6. Odelli

    Becoming an affiliate?

    Double post.
  7. Odelli

    Becoming an affiliate?

    And here's mine: It's in Swedish ("System Failure is hosted by Hawk Host", "System Failure" being my site), but I just wanted to illustrate the possibilities there are if you can some Photoshop and reuse that graphics on this site.