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I don't really have any recommend ones as I created just create these things myself. That being said from my looking at them they're all pretty much the same.

As for sendmail vs smtp

Sendmail seems to be flagged as spam more often then smtp based mail. However if the mail is just going to you then there is nothing to worry about and sendmail is easier to setup. For SMTP you'll need to create a user for it to send from so that would mean making an email account and providing it's login details to the form mail script.

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Okay thanks. Looks like sendmail will work fine for me then.

And it looks like I'll be writing my own script as well. Now that I've figured out what kinds of security checks should be included - authorized senders, spambot foils, etc - it makes more sense to just write the PHP by hand vs using one of the generic catch-all scripts out there.

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