The Russians are coming


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I like putting BBS' on my websites. However, I am getting inundated with bogus registrations from the eastern European nations. What the heck is going on? I have never had this problem before. Is there a simple way to deny all "RIPE" ip addresses? I have a fairly current list from here However, it would take me forever to convert it to a useable form in htaccess. Deny from *.*.*.* the repeat the next block. I would go nuts. Is there an easier way to just eliminate countries from having access? Whats a novice such as myself to do?

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First off your topic title got a good chuckle out of some of the staff here at our operations office. Kudos on that.

Secondly you could look into something like which will generate a .htaccess for you blocking all of the allocations registered to a specific country. Disclaimer: I have never personally used this, though I know many of our clients have in the past with (I assume) success.

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