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  1. norEastern

    Fingerprint public_html

    Not sure if original poster SteKs knows that there is a Cpanel forum and that would be a great place to post his idea to get visibility as a possible Cpanel feature of the future. That forum includes a Feature Request area.
  2. Nice suggestions to guard against signups from unwanted users and uses of hosting accounts; of interest to resellers.
  3. norEastern

    Returning to an open ticket

    Thanks - apparently if you login to your client area, then go from it to the support desk, if you do not login THERE, you will not see a history of tickets, because you are unknown to Kayako, although logged into HawkHost client area.
  4. norEastern

    Returning to an open ticket

    Can you provide a URL of the page you reference? The page(s) I see have a HawkHost logo in the upper left.
  5. norEastern

    Returning to an open ticket

    Once logged in to HawkHost client area one can click on My Support and go to the Kayako help desk page, giving a link to Submit a Ticket. How does one view open tickets and respond to them? Only see nav choices for "Submit a Ticket".
  6. If cPanel account for has username mydomain on a server, and a full cPanel backup is done, can that backup be restored to another server's new cPanel account with same username mydomain BUT account created under ? Backup would include MySQL databases named mydomain_xxxxx Understood that user would need to ensure after the restore that all website source files reference
  7. norEastern

    HTTP Status by cats

    HTTP Status codes illustrated via cats http://www.felixries...-status-katzen/
  8. norEastern

    Processor count

    So server effectively has 16? Thought maybe 6 were reserved just to deal with incoming spam
  9. norEastern

    Processor count

    Curious why Server Information in WHM says Total processors: 10 but under Service Status, the Server load is based on 16 CPUs.
  10. The green text of your left navigation does not have enough contrast on the beige background. Go to Check My Colors and enter your homepage to be checked. You will see the menu items flagged (red X) as contrast problems. I also noticed your pages can be accessed by either OR You should consider taking steps to force one or the other to happen. This is a canonical issue, look at the following links or search for "canonical non-www" Canonical www or non-www Google search support about canonical URLs
  11. norEastern

    The Russians are coming

    Another resource is IP2Location with free IP lookups without signup, and paid database-download products.
  12. norEastern

    Seattle DC problems

    All seems restored since 6:55am EDT - 10 minutes ago.
  13. norEastern

    Seattle DC problems

    Softlayer reports problem in Seattle around 5am EDT I submitted ticket to HH after 6am and they are following the situation - no forum post yet in Network/Server status.
  14. norEastern

    A question about RSS Feeds and Sitemaps

    So basically you would pull content you did not create from websites you do not support and put it as a blog post, then attract unsuspecting visitors via social media links and when they arrive, serve them an ad as a reward for their effort. No. Next question?
  15. norEastern

    Mirage server was blacklisted

    Thanks for looking into this. Seems like everyone is so sensitive to spam that some blacklists operate as "guilty until proven innocent". I much prefer clients send email via their local ISP, but some customers roam enough that they do all SMTP via their website server and are in a jam if it gets blacklisted.