Seattle Power Issues [06/04/2011]

Cody R.

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Our provider has had power issues in the Seattle facility. Power has been restored and some devices have been powered on. This has caused intermittent connection issues for the past few hours on a couple of machines however this should be fully restored at this time.

Softlayer experienced a power event in server rooms 1 and 2 which caused the Seattle datacenter to go offline. At this time power has been restored, and we are working on bringing all devices back online into working order.

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Here is further information about the outage as well as maintenance being performed right now

We apologize again for the service disruption that you experienced early

during the morning hours of June 4, 2011. As was mentioned earlier, our

facilities provider experienced an unexpected UPS systems failure while

switching power over from utility to generator, during which some of our

datacenter equipment lost power. The root cause for the extended duration

will be forthcoming, however at this time we wanted to alert you to remedial

activities that are planned for tonight.

Since the power event, we have remained on local generator power, as there

was no reliable way to switch back to utility power with a faulty UPS

system in place. We have been receiving frequent updates from the facility,

and throughout the weekend their engineers and vendors have been working on

the power infrastructure in Seattle, and at this time are reporting that they

have corrected the UPS troubles. As such, there will be an emergency

maintenance to switch back over from generator-only to UPS-backed utility

power. The work is scheduled for 22h00 6/5/2011 through 03h00 6/6/2011 local

time (05h00 2011-JUNE-06 through 10h00 2011-JUNE-06 UTC).

Since the initial troubles are believed to have been corrected at

this time, the switch back to normalized power is not expected to have any

impact on production. However, there is a remote risk of a repeat power

disruption should there be another UPS system failure.

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